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Dr Johanna Lynch

PhD MBBS Grad Cert (Health Sciences) FRACGP FASPM

Dr Johanna Lynch is an Australian GP (family doctor) of 25 years’ experience who has spent the last 15 years developing innovative clinical approaches to those who have survived childhood trauma and neglect and applying that to whole person, whole family and whole community approaches to health. Her PhD, entitled ‘Sense of Safety: a whole person approach to distress’ integrated clinical insights with international research and local stakeholder feedback to develop a new way to approach distress in primary care.

Johanna sees a direct link between her years as a general practitioner, her life as a researcher, and her work advocating for complex whole person care as President of the Australian Society for Psychological Medicine. As someone who sees curiosity and awe as lifelong habits, Johanna's work is filled with the voices of her patients and collaborators across the disciplines. It is their practical wisdom that has given her the bravery to work towards generalist approaches that care for the whole person.

Dr Johanna Lynch
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