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Sharing Sense of Safety

We hope that these resources help to kickstart the journey of building a Sense of Safety in your own life and those that you care for.

A Whole Person Approach to Wellbeing - AudioBook Cover.png

A Whole Person Approach to Wellbeing 
Building Sense of Safety 


Also available in paperback, e-book and hardback! This book is relevant to all health, education and public policy practitioners with an interest in strength-based approaches to whole person care.


Buy at Amazon, Routledge and all good book sellers.

Audiobook will soon be available on Spotify and Audible!


Reflections Package

Meditations with Dr. Johanna Lynch


These three beautiful mediations by Dr. Johanna Lynch will help you to feel safe, find your safe place and ground you.

Reflection One: Your Imagined Safe Place; will help you find that place where you can feel safe and regain your strength.

Reflection Two: Working through your Sense of Safety; takes you through a series of steps, situations and places that help you find your sense of safety.

Reflection Three: Name Three Things; will help bring you back into the moment using your senses.

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