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The Sense of Safety Project is a growing team of researchers and contributors seeking to embed the concept of Sense of Safety as a whole person approach to health, learning, and public policy. We are very aware that this work has a wide scope relevant across the disciplines, and that it will require collaborations in order to test its usefulness in different communities. We are especially interested in the usefulness of this concept for communities that experience significant trauma and neglect or intergenerational violence or racism. We are also interested in feedback on this strength-based and trauma-informed approach from Indigenous communities across the globe.


Ways you could help

  • Research the concept of ‘sense of safety’ in your own language – what is your community’s way of describing sense of safety? How useful would it be to help understand wellbeing?

  • Trial the Sense of Safety Audit in your clinical setting or within your community.

  • Give us feedback on the concept of Sense of Safety and the tools we are developing.

  • Offer financial or research support to this project.


If you are interested in collaborating with us in research you can contact us via the form below..

The Sense of Safety Project

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