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Linn Getz


Professor in Behavioural Sciences in Medicine at the Department of Public Health and Nursing at NTNU, Researcher at the Research Unit for General Practice. Affiliated with the National Research School of General Practice NAFALM.

I have extensive clinical background from general practice, psychiatry and occupational medicine in Norway and Iceland. As a young doctor, I started out in Norwegian general practice where I became involved in ideology development and research. In Iceland, I worked with psychiatry and occupational medicine, whilst continuing to cooperate with Norwegian GP colleagues. My Ph.D. thesis ‘Sustainable and responsible preventive medicine’ (2006) focuses on ethical dilemmas related to implementation of preventive, clinical guidelines. Since 2014, I have been a full-time professor at NTNU in Norway. I am married to prof. emeritus in Family medicine Johann Ag. Sigurdsson, University of Iceland and NTNU.

Linn Getz
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